A visual investigation into how the economic crisis is perceived in Italy through information and daily routines. Degree project with supervisors Christian Upmeier and Emanuela De Cecco at the Faculty of Design and Arts, Free University of Bolzano/Bozen.

The international economic crisis of 2008 has brought world-wide uncertainty, from the economic choices and to the daily challenges that ordinary people face. This has created uncertainty and pessimism about the future and it has brought to light our structural socioeconomic problems, creating different, not always negative, perspectives in how we face life.

This project proposes a visual analysis as to how the crisis in Italy has been lived and narrated, offering an alternative way of reading and interpreting everything that has already been said and written. The world of information, and everyday- people’s opinions are visualized though the frequency of discourse, and the intensity of the emotions, photographing the evolution of this phenomenon through a multi-faceted, and at times contradictory narration.

Typographic, illustrative, photographic and informational graphics fuse together with the facts and with people’s words, in an editorial product that slowly performs a review of the informational short-circuit we’ve lived through lately. Half-way between graphic journalism, and social dimension of communication design, “There’s A Crisis!” strives to become a guide to our times that stimulates reflection and questioning on what is happening, in order to make a point of the situation, and bring a testimony of its time.

The project has been exhibited at Designcrisis during the Design Week 2009 at P4 Temporary Gallery. Flickr pictures gallery of the exhibition here. It's also been showcased on Professionaldreamers as guest artist's project.


FINAL PRODUCTS Photo credits: © Fanni Fazekas

FINAL PRESENTATION Photo credits: © Fanni Fazekas